GL Lighting is a trusted quality, technology and service leader in the Australian LED Lighting industry. We provide our customers with LED lighting when compromising on quality is not an option. Our products are sourced directly from our network of reputable manufacturing partners, enabling us to maintain a competitive price point for the latest and highest quality products.

At GL Lighting, we pride ourselves on having the ability to tailor our solutions and services specifically to meet your needs. Operating with integrity and committing to you from the beginning of the project to well beyond the shipment of product, we are a company designed around you, our customer as our foundation.


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GL Lighting’s dedication to our customers extends way beyond supplying high grade, quality LED Lights at extremely competitive prices. We also have many support and design services that are there to ensure you can always have confidence when dealing with our company. Our direct relationship with our manufacturing partners means we can provide you with many services such as solution design, engineering support and layout designs. If you are an end user, we can also assist you in finding a suitable installer through our network of installation partners.



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